Obama Screwup Extraordinaire

The story of President’s approach to foreign policy reveals his ineptitude and ignorance of foreign policy.A foreign policy must be based on national interests, and that does not mean checking on what each person in the country says on his cell phone. Which, at this moment, are the most vital issues confronting American national interests?

1. Developing a working relationship with Iran that leads to resolving our conflicts, and creating the basis of cooperating in the Middle East. If this goal is attained, it leads to resolution of the conflict in Syria.
2. Working with Palestinians and Israelis to achieve a resolution of their conflicts. Attaining this goal reduces violence in the region and ensures the interests of Palestinians coincides with those of Israel.
3. Working to establish a Middle Eastern Union that achieves for the Middle East what has been attained by the European Union. Today, the EU has ended war in Europe, THAT should be the goal of American foreign policy in the Middle East. Economic development in Egypt would diminish the power of the Muslim Brotherhood and establish the basis of democracy in Egypt.

Note that none of these goals deal with Syria. However, in attaining these foreign policy goals it leads to resolving the civil war in Syria.