Obama — Select Who You Wish!

Many Obama supporters are upset that several of his initial appointments have connections to the Clinton era. The assumption is by selecting these individuals, Barack Obama is abandoning his pledge for new faces in Washington D.C. I believe this attitude indicates how many liberals have misunderstood the significance of the Obama election. In the first decade of the 21st century, words like liberal or conservative or socialist have lost all meaning. We have a so-called “compassionate conservative” who preached his opposition to large government and warned of the evils of “socialism” expand government interfere with individual rights an have the government assume part ownership of business. We inhabit a new era in which it is not “words” that count, but solving problems.

It is difficult to find many Democrats today who do not have some connection with the Clinton administration since it was the only Democratic presidency in twenty years. There is nothing wrong with Obama selecting people who he believes are competent from among the backlog of people who served in one way or another the Clinton administration. Of course, Obama could do a John McCain and appoint a “maverick” like idiot Sarah Palin in order to prove he wants outsiders to run the country. The most important qualities the American people seek in Obama appointees, are competence, intelligence, and a desire to break from mistakes of the past.

The new era represents the end of ideology. Solutions in the coming years will focus on what works, not what fits into some preconceived ideological framework.