Obama Shuffles Chairs In White House

Among the great myths propogated by Fox News and Rush and Glenn and Sarah is that President Obama was a “flaming liberal” who attempted to shove SOCIALIST ideas down the throats of Americans and they rebelled by voting Republican. It increasingly is clear that Barack Obama not only listens to Fox News but actually believes they understand what is necessary in this nation. Reports from Washington indicate Obama is reaching out to old time Chicago political boss, William Daley(son of Richard and brother of Richard who ran the city for half a century), to become his Chief of Staff. Of course, William works as an executive for J.P. Morgan Chase which makes him a wonderful target for those who believe Obama is an ally of Wall Street. Mr. Daley las year blamed Democratic political problems on being “too liberal” and warned, “either we plot a more moderate centrist course or risk electoral disaster.”

Unfortunately, Mr. Daley does not understand Democrats DID PLOT A MODERATE CENTRIST course and that resulted in political disaster! Instead of fighting for job creation programs they backed away and rescued Wall Street. Instead of fighting for a public option in health care, they backed away and gave health care firms and hospitals all they desired in the way of being able to exploit the poor people of this nation. Pray tell, what argument by Barack Obama was “liberal” other than gay rights for those in service?

P.S. Believe it or not, Mr. President, but there are intelligent people in Montana, Arizona, California, Texas and New York.