Obama Silence Empowers Right Wing!

Swedish author, Henning Mankell recently told the BBC that failure on the part of liberals to challenge right wing groups is a factor in their continued rise in power. He made clear that liberals must not be silent when crazy people speak of hate and violence, but “you have to take the dialogue to them.” Barack Obama is living proof of the accuracy of this comment. He has remained aloof in the White House while those spouting anger, hate, and ignorance are allowed to dominate the media.

As of this date, the president has failed to even propose a program of job creation. He has refused to attack the wealthy. Instead he scurries about the land holding out his hand for money from those who are in power. Instead of being the leader of powerless people, he has become the spokesperson of Wall Street and hedge fund billionaires. He allowed distortion to proceed about the health plan he pushed through Congress and never once went around the nation explaining his OWN program in words that most could understand.

Barack Obama is a silent man living in a White House which has no connection to those who lack jobs. Oh, sorry, every so often, he expresses “concern” for those without jobs and promises them things “are getting better!”