Recent polls indicate that President Barack Obama would murder Sarah Palin in the 2012 election. He leads the loudmouth from Alaska by 55% to 33% and he beats just about every Republican whose name is submitted for comparison. Mitt Romney who trails by 47% to 40% is the closes of any Republican candidate who might run against the president. What do these figures indicate about the state of American politics? It is clear the American people don’t like the whole damn collection of men and women who aspire to the presidency. It is morning in America for Republicans in the new House of Representatives and midnight for those who seek to gain the presidency from Obama. The good news for Obama is he leads the pack, the bad news for him is that he leads the pack of nonentities.

In one sense, having Republicans control the House of Representatives allows Obama to include them into the mix of arriving at solutions. There is not a single intelligent idea being offered by the Republican party in Congress. They actually believe reducing federal income will result in reducing the federal debt. Perhaps, the first order of business for Republicans is an introduction to mathematics. You know, the math we all learned in elementary school.