Obama: Soldiers, Once More Into The Breach!

President Obama made another trip to Afghanistan in order to once again demonstrate his determination that a war begun nearly a decade ago will continue into the new decade. Yes, he handed out medals, he spoke with the troops and praised them by making certain they knew, “you will succeed in your mission.” Back home in America, his trip basically passed without notice since two million were receiving notification that Congress was refusing to pass an extension of unemployment benefits. The war in Afghanistan costs the US government about $100 billion a year while extending jobless pay would have cost about $20 billion. Of course, Obama made clear to all that “progress comes at a high price,” but that will not put bread on the table of unemployed folk.

Ironically, the only “yes” President Obama can get from Republicans is more money for war while the only promise he can make to his liberal followers is “four more years” and by that he does not mean a continuation of his term as president.