Obama Speaks About Climate Change!

It has taken nearly five years for the president of the United States of America to finally address the most important issue confronting planet Earth, pollution! In  speech at Georgetown University he announced new federal plans to lauuch the first ever federal regulations on heat-trapping gases emitted by new and existing power plants in order to “put an end limitlesss dumping of carbon pollution.” His plan calls for boosting renewable energy production on federal lands, increase efficiency standards and educate the population about the world that will one day arrive on this planet unless its inhabitants take action to address the issue of pollution.

Forty percent of US carbon dioxide emissions and one third of greenhouse gases come from power plants. Naturally, Republicans who seek to protect the unborn from death intend to protect the born wealthy folk from the loss of their money. They are against such action. If one’s choice is pollution of the planet or damage to their campaign contributions, which is more dangerous to the health fo this planet?