Obama Speech Reactions From Hindustan Times

Following are comments from the Indian Hindustan Times pertaining to the Obama speech.

“US President Barack Obama won praise from many Muslim leaders on Thursday for a speech he crafted to repair Ameerica’s tainted image in the Islamic world, but more sceptical reactions showed he still had a mountain to climb.”

Rana Achmawi, editor of Egypt’s Al-Ahram Hebdo: “America for the first time is adopting a very wise strategy in acknowledging the other and that was clear in every word chosen by President Obama.”

Khalid al-Dakhil, Saudi analyst: Obama message was one of “reconciliation and new beginnings,” kbut “whether it will be successful in bridging the gap, that will take time.”

Hassan Fadlallah, of Hezbollah: “The Islamic world does not need moral or political sermons. It needs a fundamental change in American policy beginning with a halt to complete support for Israeli aggression against the region, especially against Lebanese and Palestinians, an American withdrawal from Iraq and Afghanistan, and a stop to its interference in the affairs of Islamic countries.”

Miriam Gal-el, a Jewish settler on West Bank: “he’s a great threat to Israel’s security because he doesn’t understand the meaning of Israel to Jews.”

Sheikh Abdulahi Sheikh Abu Yusuf, of Somalia: “Obma’s speech is good and Islam means peace. Obama, let’s follow the verses you quoted from the Koran.”