Obama, Stand For Freedom!

It was simply a matter of time before people in the world finally realized who the real Barack Obama was, rather than the image presented by LIBERALS concerning this feeble weak alleged leader of the United States of America. Prince Turki al-Faisal, the former Intelligence head of Saudi Arabia came out swinging against the American president and charged that he was a coward and refused to stand with his allies. He charged Obama with indecision,and loss of credibility for refusing to allow American soldiers to enter the Syrian civil war and die for the safety of Saudi Arabia and its precious oil. According to Faisal, a leader should be able to give his allies the assurance “that what you say is going to be.”

It is wonderful to hear a Saudi leader stand for freedom and human rights in a nation. If he really wants America to fight for these goals, would he invite the American armed forces into Saudi Arabia which makes President Assad come across as another Jefferson. After all, women in Syria have the right to drive a car as well as work in any occupation. It would be wonderful to see American planes bombing the capital of Saudi Arabia in order to strike for female human rights. I have a hunch that is not what the Prince wants.