Obama Stand On Free Trade Concerns Sweden

The majority of Swedish people are overjoyed at the victory of Barack Obama, but members of the business community are concerned about his views regarding free trade. Over 50% of the Swedish GNP relates to exports as contrasted with 8% of the American so it is vital to have open access to ports in other lands. Obama has frequently said, “if we continue to let our trade policy be dictated by special interests than American workers will continued to be undermined” which could be interpreted as a plea to protect jobs in America and restrict import of goods. Lieff Pagrotzsky, a Social Democrat minister, believes Bush is the problem and has confidence Obama will work with other nations and support free trade.

In the heat of an election campaign where the votes of American workers are needed, there is a tendency to exaggerate one’s commitment to free trade. Time will tell if Obama really is hostile to free trade.