Barack Obama must know the old song which begins, “did you ever get the feeling that you want to go, stay, go…”? He announced to the American public a plan calling for withdrawal of about 23,000 troops over the coming 12 months only to run into a storm of criticism from Republicans and Democrats who want greater reductions in the number of troops in that far away land. Even as key Republican presidential candidates demanded more troops coming home, Rep. Buck McKeon, chair of the House Armed Services Committee complained the Obama withdrawal plan “will significantly undermine” the program to transfer responsibility for security to Afghan forces. And, Admiral Mike Mullen, chair of the Joint Chiefs expressed his displeasure at the proposal. “More force for more troops is without doubt, the safer course. No commander ever wants to sacrifice fighting power in the middle of a war.”

Let me get this straight, Admiral Mullen. We are in the “middle of a war.” The war began TEN YEARS AGO and we are in the MIDDLE OF A WAR! In other words, we need ten more years in Afghanistan to get to the end of the war!