Obama Takes A Nap

Barack Obama decided to take a nap instead of going on the attack. He just allowed Mitt Romney to hit him one time after another. Not once did the president make reference to the famous 47% of people that Mitt does not care to govern-let them care for themselves. As various commentators noted, Barack appeared to wish he was celebrating his wedding anniversary rather than celebrating a possible victory over Romney.

What should Obama have said:

1. We need to create jobs by rebuilding our infrastructure.

2. I intend to be president of ALL Americans, not just 53%.

3. The national debt doubled under Bush and of the $16 Trillion, about $12 Trillion came under Republican presidents.

4. Republicans have blocked every effort to hire teachers, policemen, firemen, and establish health clinics throughout this nation.

5. Approximately 5% of the people of this country control 45% of the wealth.