Obama The Anti-Child President

Among the most ironic aspects of the Obama regime is being compelled to have education
controlled by men and women who view themselves as “liberals” when in actuality, their ideas on education exemplify everything illiberal about capitalism. Republican comments that President Obama is “anti-business” are laughable when applied to the field of education. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan believes the purpose of school is to “train”(not educate)children to fit into capitalist enterprises whose goal is obedience to those at the top. The emphasis on testing has resulted in less time for: art, music, physical education(I get confused. On one hand the Obama’s want to reduce obesity, but, on the other hand, they work to end physical education in schools), literature, history, political science, and science. To Duncan, the Great God of test scores in always paramount in his mind.

Denmark is one of those small countries someplace in Europe that, somehow, deal with issues such as education with a modicum of common sense. In Denmark, parents can negotiate with schools when their child arrives, when their child takes off for a summer break and so on. In other words, the foundation of an excellent education is creating a sense of community between school and parents. The Obama/Duncan approach is to dictate that for middle class and poor students, the life of the mind must be replaced by the life of testing.