Obama: The Whispering Man

Every important president in the history of America has been able to marshal the power of being president to function as the chief educator of America. Unfortunately, since day one of assuming office, Barack Obama has whispered rather than shouted what are the issues that must be addressed in society. To this day, most Americans when asked about specific aspects of the Affordable Care Act agree with them, but when asked if they agree with the law at least 40% say-NO. Obama never grasped that his role was to educate Americans not to pretend they will understand complexity on their own.

The issue of “security” along with the issue of “terrorism” has never been addressed by the president. He has allowed events to take over rather than alerting citizens to the complex factors of how to address issues of national security. Each day provides another example of Obama ineptness as nation after nation complains about American spying. Sorry Mr. President, the argument that all nations “spy” is spurious and hardly an intelligent discussion of a complex issue.