Obama To Ostrich Headed Israel-Halt Settlements!

The people of Israel undoubtedly are tired from decades of struggle to gain peace with the Arab world, and this fatigue no doubt influenced the decision in voting earlier this year to support right wing elements led by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Unfortunately, for Israel which prefers to bury its head in the earth like an ostrich, the majority of American Jews, of English Jews, and supporters of Israel throughout the world want peace and that means compromise and ending efforts that impede the road to conflict resolution. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton bluntly told Israel on Wednesday to halt settlement growth as well as building new houses in existing Jewish enclaves. Israel argues children have an inalienable right to have a house built next to their parent’s home. An interesting theory, but not one agreed to by most people in the world.

Israel government spokesman, Mark Regev, said construction will continue within existing settlements. There is no question the new administration wants peace in the Middle East and this requires ending unqualified support for Israel. The government and people of Israel must recognize the importance of compromise and ending the constant expansion of the West Bank which was illegally seized from Palestinians. The Gaza invasion blunder almost cost Israel its friendship with Turkey. The housing expansion on the West Bank might cost Israel its friendship with the United States.

Wake up Israel, the world is turning away from a democratic society which has allowed demagogues to gain power and to use hysteria and ethnocentrism to guide policy decisions.