Obama To Putin–Up Yours!

There is scant doubt that US President Barack Obama is rather disturbed by the actions of Russian President Vladimir Putin who has spent the past year shoving his finger up the black butt of the man in the White House. Add up Edward Snowden and Syria and one is left with some rather bitter tastes in the mouth. The Sochi Winter Olympics is the latest grand event created by the man who thinks the world belongs to him. He is feeling very proud at this moment, given that his lackey parliament passed a ridiculous law that makes it a crime to discuss the issue of homosexual behavior. So, what does the angry man in the White House do in response? The American Sochi Winter Olympics will include Billie Jean King, famous tennis player who happens to be a lesbian and Caitlin Cahow a gay hockey player.

The message from Obama is clear-up yours, you faggot!

Oh, and the president will not be attending.

The horror of this story is why the Olympic Committee allowed the games to be awarded to a nation that makes it a criminal act to DISCUSS this topic!!