Obama–Tough Times Ahead In Iraq-Afghanistan, And…

This week over 120 people were killed in Iraq and hundreds wounded as violence continues and continues in a nation that Bush claimed had been restored to some form of peace. A deadline of withdrawal is apparently still operational although there is no sign Iraq is stable and free from assaults by al-Qaeda. Meanwhile, in Afghanistan, the president warns “there is going to be some hard fighting over the next several months.” Hard fighting in Afghanistan and a timeline that will not be met is the reality of the moment. If 40,000 American troops leave Iraq by August, as specified in the withdrawal plan, the likelihood if for increased violence as the presence of US forces decreases.

The nightmare scenario, which no American leader will admit, is withdrawal of US forces, an outbreak of violence and recall of the soldiers back to Iraq. Reality is that two months have passed in Iraq since elections to Parliament, and still not government!

  • xx1pakman

    All this fighting for what? All this for what, some oil, or what? They should all retreat, let them for a while alon, maybe they will get along. Obama should be as The Gentleman’s Guide says the real men, retreat and give those people some break. They lost their families and stuff. He should maybe focus on other things.