Donald Trump was born to wealth, he has spent his life as a wealthy person(it definitely was difficult after one bankruptcy when he was placed on a $450,000 monthly allowance) and he is accustomed when entering a room for all to jump to attention, and when he speaks for all to listen in rapture to his every word. Donald has decided to enter the political arena, an area of life which is new to him, and one which may entail encounters of the Fourth Kind. President Obama performed at the White House Correspondents’ Association annual dinner, by ripping apart the blowhard known as, Donald Trump. He thanked Donald for finally placing to rest the birth issue, and now Donald can focus on important issues such as whether or not there was actually a moon landing or “where are Biggie and Tupac?” He went on to comment about a recent event on Trump’s TV show in which he decided to fire Gary Busey instead of Meat Loaf, “these are the type of decisions that would keep me up at night. Well handled, sir.”

Barack Obama offered to show his birth video which turned out to be a clip from the Disney film, “The Lion King” which showed the young cub Simba being anointed. “I want to make clear to the Fox News table, that was a joke. Call Disney if you don’t believe me.”

Perhaps, the highlight of the evening came when comedian said, “Donald Trump often talks about running as a Republican, which is surprising. I just assumed he was running as a joke.”

Donald, welcome to the real world where no one jumps to attention at your sounds of idiocy. Donald, check, let’s see your hand!