Obama Urges A Campaign Of Change

Fesh from weekend victories in primaries around the nation, Barack Obama is beginning to make slight shifts in his campaign in order to address the more important strategy of dealing with the threat of Senator John McCain. Obama has begun to zero in on what he terms are Hillary Clinton’s inability to “break out of the politics of the last 15 years.” In particular, he pounded away at failed policies in Latin America. Obama argued it is not sufficient to continue expressing the mantra of “I oppose Castro or I oppose Chavez.” He pledged to visit Latin America and directly challenge Chavez policies and to work with people of the region in developing new programs.

Hillary Clinton understands as well as any insightful political leader our policies towards Cuba make no sense, but her ongoing fear to cause controversy block action on her part to urge new policies in Latin America. Barack Obama is willing to take the risk of alienating some Cuban voters in Florida in order to create new Latin American directions. He is willing to blast President Kibaki’s vote fraud in Kenya which Senator Clinton will not address.

A 21st century world requires new thinking. Barack Obama understands the winds of change are sweeping Africa and Latin America and is wlling to meet with leaders in those areas of the world to explore new directions. He is willing to meet with Iranian leaders rather than play it cool and conservative knowing full well such audacity risks angering some voters in America. Senator Clinton is intelligent but she fails to realize this century requires bold new thinking. Senator Barack Obama has demonstrated over the past few days his ability to gain support from all sectors of the United States.

Hopefully today’s votes in primaries will provide additioinal evidence that Obama’s bold new vision is one the American people support. The times they are a’changing and a new leader will move this nation into a world in which diversity of thinking is embraced.

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