Obama Urges Release Of Burma Human Rights Leader

Barack Obama has decided to attempt a new approach in dealing with leaders of Myanmar. Instead of the Bush tough talking and refusing to meet with anyone from the dictatorship of this unfortunate nation, the president reached out to Burma Prime Minister General Thein Sein while attending the Association of Southeast Asian Nations to urge the release of human rights leader Aung San Suu Kyi from house arrest which has been her punishment for nearly two decades. Obama’s words to the Burmese leader were the first from an American president in nearly two decades. Unfortunately, there is no evidence kind or tough words will have any impact of the thugs and brutes who run Myanmar. Nothing will change in Burma until India and China decide to take action even if it means losing some of their investments.

Words not actions are required. The problem is the west can only offer words but the Burmese thugs will not allow any action to occur.