President Barack Obama has made several eloquent speeches dealing with the issue of human rights as well as expressing his horror at the inhumane policies followed by the Sudan government toward the people of Darfur. But, that was then when he was a candidate for president. These days he is the president and expecting a tough stand from Barack Obama about any issue is like expecting a snow storm in the Amazon. He is abandoning his policy of taking a tough stand against the Sudan violation of human rights and he no longer will discuss the issue of sanctions. These days, the tough minded sheriff who stands for law and order wants to work with murderers in hope they will reduce their level of murders.

Each time Obama becomes the waffle king, those who favor terrorism and oppression of the innocent gain hope because there is nothing to fear from the United States. One can only wonder if Obama would oppose getting tough about existing laws that deprived black skinned people of their rights. Perhaps, he would have redefined the laws to mean, “alleged laws about skin color.”