Obama Wants To Help People

There is good news from the office of the President of the United States of America. Barack Obama has made clear that he “is s not interested in spying on ordinary people.” He is only interested in spying on terrorists and other such non-ordinary people. This definitely clarifies the situation. I must now make clear to government officials that I am an “ordinary person.” The most important problem in my life is how do I ensure that those in the National Security Agency and other such institutions know that I am an ordinary person and not some bomb wielding terrorist. I have considered several possibilities to make this clear:

1. I will place a badge on my clothes that reads: I am an ordinary person.

2. I will only associate with those wearing such badges to ensure our government knows that I am an ordinary person.

3. I will form a club which only allows ordinary person type people to join.

4. I will now begin all phone conversations with: “this is an ordinary person talking.”

5. I will make certain to only express ordinary person type comments.

Now, all we need in the White House is an ordinary person type president.