Obama Wherefore Art Thou?

As Winston Churchill stated in referring to the old Soviet Union, Barack Obama is a mystery wrapped in an enigma. He is a man of great eloquence who can stir hearts, he is a man who, occasionally suggests a vision for society such as in the area of race relations. However, he is also a man with scant capability to enter into the minds of ordinary citizens and explain complex ideas in a manner that is readily grasped. He surrounds himself with man linked closely to Wall Street and financiers while attempting to convey to Americans that Barack Obama is the enemy of greedy Wall Street types. His financial advisors publicly announce at a time that 10% of Americans are without jobs that the recession is over!

Who is Barack Obama? It took until December, 2009 for the president to hold a “jobs conference.” I hate to tell President Obama but Franklin Roosevelt–without the need for a “jobs conference,” –had over four million working within a year after taking office. I realize critics will argue this time around it is different. It sure is. In 1933, there was NO economic foundation for people, no social security, no Medicare, just a lot of frightened people who obtained hope because their president was doing things to get jobs for millions.

Until Barack Obama clears out his Wall Street types from the Cabinet and gets individuals who have creative ideas for new jobs, his party is doomed in November, 2010.

Is Obama, Bill Clinton, Redeux?