Obama Will Jaw, Jaw Before War War With Hamas!

The British, Guardian, reports its informants in the Obama camp suggest there has been extensive discussion within it about the need to open a dialogue with Hamas because the Bush strategy of ignoring reality only results in a policy that has scant reality with what is happening in the Middle East. There is no initial discussion among Obama strategists for recognizing Hamas but there is a belief in the need for low level contacts which will initiate dialogue with Hamas leaders. Richard Haass, who many believe is the choice of Obama for his Middle East envoy, supports discussions with Hamas. There is no doubt Obama recognizes the Bush policy of totally ignoring Hamas has produced absolutely no evidence of success.

The main task of Barack Obama at this point is to prevent the Gaza situation from becoming even more disastrous than the current situation. Obama hopes radical leadership in Hamas will either step aside or allow more realistic leaders to emerge who seek success rather than disaster. The only worse blunders than those made by Israeli leaders are the inept policy of Hamas leadership which seeks martyrdom over success.

Obama throughout the presidential campaign argued for a more even handed approach and one that focused on problem solving rather than on rhetoric.