Obama Wiped Out In New York City

You are a Democrat, you are president of the United States and a congressional seat requires a special election. This congressional district has not voted for a Republican in over a hundred years. But, guess what? Republican Bob Turner defeated Democrat David Weprin by 56% to 44%. There is scant doubt that Mr. Weprin is a political hack who did not deserve to be in Congress, but even a two bit idiot should have won this congressional seat. So, what happened?

The answer can be summed up in one word–OBAMA! Once again, Barack Obama’s failure to fight for jobs, his laid back approach to politics and his seeming insensitivity to the plight of unemployed people led to this political disaster. If Barack Obama can not help candidates carry a congressional seat in Brookly, then who exactly can he help?

It is time for Barack Obama to do the patriotic thing and announce he will not run for re-election as president.