Obama Wows Missouri-McCain Bow Wows Lies

Barack Obama wowed we people of Missouri on Saturday when 100,000 turned out in St. Louis to see the next president of the United States. Obama also was seen by 75,000 people in Kansas City when he went west as he cut across the state. Even as he spoke, John McPalin was spouting his usual nonsense of distortion and lies. According to the Arizona senator, “Barack Obama’s tax plan would convert the (Internal Revenue Service” into a giant welfare agency” that would redistribute wealth from those who make high salaries to those who don’t. As Obama pointed out, the past eight years have witnessed one of the most radical redistribution of wealth, only the money came from the middle class and it went to the wealthy. Bush-McCain tax plans benefited the upper five percent and created enormous budget deficits which impacted the lives of all Americans.

Barack Obama has repeatedly said his tax plan give a break to 95% of all workers and 98% of small business owners. For some reason, John McPalin believes those earning under $250,000 represent the poor of America while those earning over that amount represent the ordinary Joe the Plumber. Every economist has pointed out that earnings of the middle class have remained stable with scant rise in their income over the past eight years of Bush-McCain.

A poll on Friday by Rasmussen shows Obama leading in Missouri by 52% to 46%.