Obamacare Here To Stay

There is scant doubt the health care system pushed into existence by President Obama was NOT the right one for the American people. The president failed to simply extend Medicare for all Americans, a simple plan that would have worked and enjoyed popular support. Instead, Obama provided a Christmas present for medical insurance corporations and led to the fiasco of online enrollment that was doomed to provide problems for those in need. OK, things did not begin with ease. OK, they have improved the site. But, the OK that will drive Republicans crazy is over one million are now enrolled on the federal website as well as hundreds of thousands on state run programs. Nearly one million enrolled during the month of December. So, what is the future for the Republican party?

1. If Republicans gain control of Congress in the fall of 2014 they will confront a health care system that caters to the health needs of millions.

2. If Republicans attempt to destroy this system they will deprive millions of people access to health care.

3. So, what is the plan after ending Obamacare?

I await another long filibuster from Ted Cruz about why millions have to be deprived of health care!