Obama/Clinton Don’t Get The Message!

Fox News and its brilliant cluster of ignorant pundits actually are making the same mistake as the Obama/Clinton administration they so dislike. During the past forty years the United States has based its foreign policy on the theory of “stable states” in the Middle East is the best guarantee for peace and stability. We supported President Mubarak who ran Egypt in a ruthless manner that did not brook any opposition. Now that he is overthrown Obama/Clinton are rushing to support the messengers of democracy. Of course, young secular people in the streets of Cairo were fired on by US trained Egyptian soldiers firing with US made weapons and bullets. Heck, the gas attacks were courtesy of the USA. An Egyptian told UK correspondent,
Robert Fisk that after American interference in their nation, “we would be grateful if they stopped interfering on our side.” In Tunisia, ousted President Ben Ali blamed Islamic militants, in Jordan, King Abdullah blamed al-Qaeda, in Bahrain they are blaming Hizbullah, but the bottom line is these revolutions are led by secular people who simply are tired of any dictatorship–whether religious or secular in nature.

We acknowledge that Obama/Clinton finally supported forces of democracy. But, what did they do the next day? They vetoed a UN resolution which condemned Israel settlements on the West Bank! What will Obama/Clinton do if there are Days of Rage by Palestinians and Israel soldiers fire at the crowds? Obama/Clinton must get the message- the Middle East needs peace. Peace begins with genuine compromises on the part of both Israel and Palestinians. The first step in moving toward that goal is to end West Bank settlements.