Obama,Man Without A Backbone

There is a sadness to the performance of President Barack Obama at the current meeting of the United Nations. He is doing everything possible to avoid angering Israel even if it leads to claims the current impasse in negotiations between Israel and Palestinians is due to both nations refusing to engage in talks. President Abbas has made clear his desire to negotiate for peace with Israel, but it cannot proceed if each moment more and more land is being taken away from Palestinians by West Bank settlers.

President Obama has presented to the United Nations a view of the current conflict which might run as follows.  As a result of war, Israel obtained land that originally was assigned by the United Nations to Arab people. This land has been occupied by the Israel armed forces for a half century. The people of Israel now have the burden of occupying this land, but they are unable to persuade Palestinians to give them land that belonged to them. I, President Obama, believe it is time for Palestinians to give THEIR land to Israel in order to attain peace.

Reality is that the president of the United States is groveling before special interest Jewish groups in order to get votes. He insists both are “equal partners”in the dispute. How can Palestinians be “equal” when Israel armed forces occupy THEIR land?

Palestinians are not responsible for the Holocaust. Palestinians did not send Israel soldiers into Lebanon. The present government of  President Abbas is willing to accept the plan proposed by former ISRAEL PRIME MINISTER EHUD OLMERT. OK, one can argue they should have agreed to it three years. A point well taken. But, they are ready now. The only reason there is no peace is: BENJAMIN NETANYAHU.

By the way, as President Obama spoke in the UN, Bibi was chatting with the president of Columbia.