Obedient Wives Club Sex Advice

The Obedient Wives Club (OWC)of Malaysia has issued a new book on how wives caan demonstrate they are really obedient to the guy who owns them. After consulting with God, the OWC is now able to inform obedient wives that hubby has the right to enjoy sex with all of his wives at the same time. He also wants you gals to start using the entire body during sex because sex with your husband is an “act of worship.” Unfortunately, God did not issue any instructions or advice to husbands engaged in the act of a f–k.

Perhaps, it is time for the Republican Party of America to issue a pamphlet for women who seek to become Obedient Wives:

1. Never mention the name of Barack Obama while engaged in sex with hubby.

2. While engaged with sex with hubby have a blown up picture of Sarah Palin on the wall that can be seen in order to ensure there is joy in your heart when having sex.

3. Invite Sarah Palin or Michele Bachmann to have sex with your hubby. They can readily give you instructions on the fine art of fucking an American.

4. Above all, be obedient, vote Republican, and when hubby is downsized, just blame it on Barack Obama!