Obedient Wives Club–Solve Recession?

A new organization in the country of Malaysia, offers possibilities to deal with America’s recession. The Obedient Wives Club(OWC) of that country aims to educate women as to the proper manner in which they should act when in the presence of we superior men. According to Rohyah Mohamad, notes that “disobedient wives are the cause for upheaval in the world” because men are not happy. Sh argues a good wife goes beyond the traditional role of cook, mother, and also seeks to “obey, serve and entertain” their husbands who work so hard. When asked if a wife who is beaten and abused should assume blame for the abuse, Ms.Mohamad responded: “Yes, most probably because she didn’t listen to her husband.” Siti Maznah, another member, believes it is the duty of women to stay attractive and provide husbands with one great sex life so they will not wander off to some prostitute.

Look, you women, the least that a true wife can do is to welcome me home wearing some sexy clothes and get on your knees and kiss the ground I walk on. I am a HUSBAND and and I am entitled to YOUR BODY–and, YOUR MIND!

If we could get the OWC going in America, women would leave their jobs and we men could get back to the world in which we earned the money and the wife was grateful for our endeavors. Look at the bright side, no more Sarah Palin and Michele Bachmann nuts wandering around!!