Obesity Is In Head, Not Body

Participants at the 11th Congress on Obesity warned those seeking to reduce weight to avoid taking over the counter diet supplement drugs which simply are a waste of money and lead only to gaining more weight. At the age of 21 I made a vow to myself that if, and when, I reached the age of 80 I would weigh about 170 pounds instead of my then 161. I will be eighty in two months and weigh 173 pounds which is OK as far as I am concerned. The issue of obesity is rather simple, get your head straight and the result will be a slimmer body. I have never gone on a diet in my life. I eat moderately, hold off on stuffing myself, am careful with goodies–although I eat them– and simply adhere to the principle of moderation. In younger days I played sports including racquet ball, but those days are behind me. I walk at least two miles a day at a moderate rate and walk up and down instead of using elevators. I always park as far as I can from a supermarket or any place that I visit. Each small step leads to the big step of not gaining weight.

I would never take any slimming drug. If you want to lose weight simply get your head focused on the task of exercise and moderate eating. Sometimes, I purchase a donut, take a small bite and throw the rest away. Or, I purchase a cone, take a lick and throw the rest away. As I say, losing weight is mental, not physical.