Occupy Wall Street Loves To Sing

The Occupy Wall Street folk are swinging into acton with an array of songs and dances. They have moved past sitting in parks, walking along streets yelling at Wall Street folk and now are ready for the coup de grace. They will have a folk festival during which time they will be singing our wonderful folk songs from the sixties. Oh, I know that Wall Street folk are spending milions on ads to destroy liberalism in America, but can that money stand up against the power of a good song? OWS is the epitome of the modern youth movement. It exists in a world in which singing and dancing will restore American democracy.

Sorry folks, I love folk music, but all the songs which sing of the wonder of America will not stand up against the dollars in banks. If one wants to beat Wall Street, beat them with VOTING POWER.

Hey, Mr.Tambourine Man, sing a song for me, — and I will get high!