Occupy Wall Street Now!

They throng the streets of lower Manhattan with signs and shouts of democracy, but it is still unclear if demands for an end to corporate greed will ever result in any legislation concerning that issue. The Occupy Wall Street movement is termed early stage of Tea Party reversed. Instead of demanding an end to government actions which might benefit those suffering, Occupy Wall Street seeks higher taxes and closer supervision of the men and women who make their millions exploiting those who lack power.

The OWS movement is still at the stage of expressing anger. It must now move to the next stage of demanding specific legislation. We urge OWS to fight for:

1. Extend the Social Security tax to cover all income.

2. Create a modern version of WPA, one designed to create high tech jobs which would rebuild our industrial infrastructure.

3. Increase minimum wages to $15 an hour. That moves yearly income close to the $30,000 mark.

4. Raise the top tax rate to 70% which is lower than the top rate during WWII.

5. Create a modern version of the Depression era CCC. This would provide jobs for our youth who would work to restore our infrastructure in return for paying college tuition and living costs. A new version of the GI Bill of Rights.