I realize there are naive people in this world who actually believe economic problems are of importance in our daily lives. I realize there are even folks who think terrorism or violence are issues we must confront. A woman who is only known by the name of, Mariene, showed the world how to confront real issues that directly impact our lives– she tore off the niqab from the face of a female tourist who was wandering the streets of Paris. In so doing,she made clear to all those spending time dealing with minor issues such as currency or debt, it was time to move on to the most important issue in France– the 1,900 Muslim women out of a population of 2.5 million who want to wear the niqab in public. Once they are allowed to wear the niqab, the next step is sharia law, and then compulsory teaching of Arabic in schools and then imams becoming prime minister of France and then the end of the French republic and installation of an Islamic authority in which clerics run the show. Mariene, who once taught in the Middle East and hates treatment of women in those areas, said: “I tore off the niqab and I shouted that I want to create a scandal.” That, she did. “I think it is unacceptable for the niqab to be worn in the country of human rights.”

I am a bit confused. It France is the country of “human rights” don’t women have a right to wear what they damn well please? Oh, I forgot, the niqab police decide what women can wear. Now,as for those bikini outfits on beaches, I know some conservative women who regard them as offensive to the dignity of women. Off with the bikini! Let’s force women to bare all, and I mean, ALL! Why just halt at the face??