Off With Their Heads Says Ahmadinejad!

If anyone has doubts as to the abilities of President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad as a leader, it is only necessary to survey his actions leading up to the recent election and his subsequent inability to reach out to opponents to create a climate of cooperation. His solution to wide-spread dislike of his leadership is to call for punishment of opposition leaders who, most probably, are supported by at least 40% of the population. “those from lower ranks and the ones who were deceived should be treated with Islamic compassion, ” but “riot leaders should be executed.” His loyal followers shouted approval along with chants of Death to America and Death to Israel.

No outside nation influenced the election. But, it is clear a significant part of the Iranian population disagrees with Ahmadinejad. He even went to far to claim that British Foreign Minister, David Miliband, told a diplomat his nation wanted to “finish the Islamic republic.”

The real question facing Afghanistan is not Ahmadinejad, but clerical leaders like Khamenei and will they allow this incompetent to continue leading the nation.