Off With Their Heads!

Every so often  the Taliban commits some horrific act which makes one reconsider withdrawing American forces from Afghanistan. In the province of Helmand, the Taliban still control certain areas. A group of men and women gathered to have a celebration. They played music and danced. Alas, for the Taliban such behavior is immoral and violates the Muslim religion. They beheaded 17 men for the crime of dancing and playing music.

One can only express a feeling of helplessness at such brutalilty. Decent hard working Muslim men and women got together to have some fun. And, they lost their heads!

I hate to tell the Taliban but God has a dance each Saturday night.

  • Jimmie Cooper Boswell

    the taliban is nothing more than, infidels accusing others with their infidelity to their pagan ways. no different than the days, when only the really scary witches hunted others, as less scary and less powerful witches than to burn at their own stake.