Off With Their Phones In Saudi Arabia!

It was just a normal day in a secondary school in Saudi Arabia, the girls were chatting with one another, playing with their cell phones, and lacking any thought about the terrible crime they were committing. Suddenly, through the doors of classrooms burst representatives of the General Administration for Education who had heard rumors of terrible behavior on the part of the female students. The men grabbed phones from the girls, examined any photos on the clle phone and if they found a picture of a girl or her teacher, the instrument was thrown to the ground and stomped into pieces. After all, it clearly says in the Koran that females are not allowed to have cell phones that allow them to take pictures of fellow females or their female teachers.

Guardians of the students were summoned to the school in order to make clear that in Saudi Arabia there is a sense of morality unknown to most nations in the world. Any girl caught with a cell phone containing a picture of a girl would be subject to dismissal from the school. Any female teacher who had a picture of a female on her cell phone would lose part of her salary.

No mention was made about having pictures of males, but we assume in the righteous kingdom of men pictures of the other sex would most probably be as offensive as pictures of females. We have yet to learn of similar raids on boy schools.