Official Uses Jail As Resort

American politicians who continually seek funds from lobbyists might spend some time learning from Gayus Tambunan the finer ways of using ill gotten gains to gain even more. Mr. Tambunan, former leading tax official in Indonesia, was sent to jail for his crimes. Republicans, please pay attention, Mr. Tambunan earned a salary of $1400 a mont but somehow he amassed a fortune of over three million dollars. This is what we term, “Republican economics,” which consists of receiving less money but having more to spend on things like paying off debts. After being arrested and placed in jail, it was discovered the ex-tax man paid $40,000 in order to get vacations from jail. In his latest holiday episode, he spent time in Singapore, and Kuala Lampur doing things like watching tennis matches and seeing the sights.

The coup de resistance came when a photo showed him at the airport wearing a wig and glasses. At least this is one politician who knows after receiving the money an intelligent man attempts to disguise himself. Heck, in America they turn up at luncheons and receive envelopes filled with money.