Oh, Are We In Charge Of Security?

The Iraq government has arrested eleven security officers after days of violence caused by truck bombs which ripped across Baghdad and killed hundreds of people. It is confusing why these brave men were arrested since no one told them they were supposed to halt large trucks from entering the main part of the city. How can these men be expected to know there might be bombs in the trucks? Of course, there are the complainers who ask stupid questions such as “how can they allow a truck to pass through this important street near this important ministry?”

In defense of these stalwart guardians of peace and security in Baghdad, it must be pointed out the Americans are gone and the entire responsibility is in the hands of native born Iraqis. Are they expected to be suspicious of other Iraqis just because the Americans always adopted such an attitude? It is time for Iraqis to take an Iraqi approach to dealing with bombers. If it is written in the stars you die, no one can alter what the stars say.

On the other hand, weren’t security personnel supposed to be trained to deal with truck bombers? So, who goofed?