OH Bama Care!

The great Republican shoot out may soon come to an end. The White House announced that the infamous Health Care web site is now up and running. It supposedly will now be able to handle up to 50,000 simultaneous users at least 90% of the time. An estimated 80% of those seeking health care will be able to enroll this year and without going stark raving crazy. Tea Party stalwarts are terribly upset since this fix makes it impossible for them to fix on Barack Obama as the sole figure in their tale of woe and horror. Actually, in states such as California, the system was working and people were enrolling. But, Barack the wonder boy insisted on trusting those who worked on Wall Street or the business world to handle complex government operations. Business people loused up the operations in Iraq and Afghanstan so why should they carry out those in America?

OK, let’s get people healthy. And, above all things, Mr. President, haste does make waste!

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