Oh Dem Corporate Dollars!

The UK Guardian newspaper, having nothing else to do, conducted an investigation into the financial behavior of Governor Chris Christie of New Jersey. I understand there are some Americans who actually believe it is the responsibility of American newspapers and magazines to investigate possible corruption in AMERICAN government. The good news is the Guardian uncovered a rather messy rotten situation in the great state of New Jersey. But, then again, the great state of New Jersey gave us the Sopranos, so what is shocking that it also gave us the government of Chris Christie which is based upon the principle that whatever benefits the Republican party benefits the common folk of this state.

In reality, the same tale would emerge from study of any state government in the United States of America. The state of New Jersey has the New Jersey Economic Authority(EDA) which hands out billions of dollars to business folk in order to enhance the lives of ordinary citizens. Of the top thirty grants-worth $1.2 billion, guess who got most of the money? You are right- 21 went to Republicans, and one lonely grant went to a company led by a Democrat. Naturally, these companies are grateful and rewarded Republicans with millions of dollars for their campaign. To be honest, the EDA made clear it operates upon the principle of bipartisanship.

The good news is that none of the money went to rebuild the George Washington bridge.