Oh For Mubarak?

It was just a few yard ago that thousands filled the streets of Cairo demanding the ouster of Hosni Mubarak and his gang of corrupt thieves whose main goal in life was making money-for themselves. Young and old shouted for a new deal  under which the people of Egypt could create a society in which people could develop their human and physical resources and enjoy the benefits of democracy. That was then and today is now. In that golden moment, secular forces united with the Muslim Brotherhood in a joint desire for democracy. On Friday, the two year anniversary of this  freedom outbreak,  thousands once again were in the streets of Cairo.

Mubarak was in jail, but the Muslim Brotherhood under leadership of President Morsi now ruled –in the same inept undemocratic manner as did their former petty dictator. As one person said: ‘there’s no military dictatorship any more, but there are the beginnings of a theocratic one.” Such is the quest for democracy.