Oh, For Religious Life!

There is one thing all major religions in the world share in common, they all are governed by a hierarchy in which those on the top garner lots and lots of money. Naturally, this money is being held in trust for the ordinary folk who believe in the religion. Popes control millions, if not billions, which enables them to live the good life. In Iran, the Ayatollah Khamenei is reported to have gathered together a tidy sum that is estimated to be about $102 billion. Sorry, Billy Gates and other billonaies, you guys just don’t rate the big man of Iran. He controls an organization known as Setad which has its hands in just about every business in the country. Setad enjoys seizing property in the name of the Ayatollah, after all, the money we seize is going to a good charity which, undoubtedly,will share any sums with the poor folk of Iran.

Allegedly, Setad was created in order to help the poor and war veterans. It was meant to exist for about two years. There is no regulation of this organization, it just goes about the business of making money. Oh, the poor and war veterans…..