Oh Marie, Sing On

Over half century ago Jean Marie-Pen, an obscure man in France took up the fight to finally get rid of Jews since the Nazis had not completed the task. He also wanted to get rid of any and all other foreigners who dared to settle in his beloved land of France. Jean had a daughter named Marine Le Pen who grew up and decided to continue her dad’s valiant battle to save France from evil folk. Marie no longer worried her daily life about Jews since there were new Jews in her land-Muslims from North Africa. Marie realized that French people were no longer worrying about Jews but many did not like them Muslims!

Marie took over the party of dad, got elected to the European Parliament and continued to insult Muslims. The European Parliament is lifting the immunity given to all members which would enable the French  government to indict her for insulting Muslims. Marie currently is upset that Muslims in France often pray in public since there is lack of mosques for the faithful. She regards such behavior similar to Germans in  1940 “like an occupying army in a conquered country.”

Oh well, pray to God and one is viewed as a Nazi. I thought Nazis did NOT want people to pray to God?