Oh My India, Forever Sexual Offenders!

I confess my ignorance as to why in India the forces of sexual violence run wild in pursuit of violating the dignity of women. We continually come across stories of groups of men who simply decide one day or night to approach a women and drag her off to be raped while insisting that HER behavior led them to feel the need of teaching her a lesson not to be provocative. An Indian magazine known as Tehelka, is regarded as a force in support of women rights. Its crusading editor, TaranTejpal, has been a voice for women. It now turns out that the voice for women also has as penis for women, particularly women he encounters who are attractive to his charms.

He was on an elevator along with a woman at a meeting that was discussing female rights when he decided that he had the right to assault the woman. According to this voice for women rights, he “had a lapse of judgment” or it could have been “an awful misreading of the situation.” I assume he thought she wanted sex with him in the elevator. This brave man has been in hiding since November 8, but the police finally caught up with him and now he is charged with the crime of rape.

Of course, in India one can be charged with rape, but to be convicted is another story.

Oh eleven reporters on his magazine, women, resigned.