Oh Pakistan, OH, OH!

One day the world will gaze in the direction of Pakistan and see a modern nation that is economically booming and people of all faiths live in peace. Heck, one will be able to walk at night with the family and not worry about being kidnapped. But, for the present, Pakistan has a new president. Nawaz Sharif, a devout Muslim just won an election and will replace President Asif Ali Zardari. In a nation convulsed by poverty and an inadequate education system, the first item on his agenda is drones.”Drones indeed our challenging our sovereignty.” Yes,it is a serious issue and it is time for America to cease abusing other nations.

But, the real issues are more complex. Even without drones, there are issues of(a)  ending the ongoing conflict with India in order to use money for economic development and education.(b) It is time to create a modern society. (c) It is time to negotiate a peace with the Taliban.

Do the above and the issue of drones will disappear.