Oh That Obama!

It is Wednesday and it is the morning. Almost eight hours have passed since this day began and we have not yet had a vote on abolishing Obamacare! Wow! Well,if we do not vote to abolish that infamous health insurance law,we must do something about the evil black dude in the White House. I know it,GOLF. Let us complain that the president of the United States of America plays golf. OK, so quite a few presidents played golf,but none of the other presidents wanted to destroy America by having people given access to health insurance or Food Stamps! Let me get this straight. First,you give people food, then,you send people to golf courses while you are hard at work!

Former President George Bush these days is coming across as a man who actually makes sense. He ridiculed the latest Republican nonsense about golf playing. Let’s think about the fact that the president takes time off to talk with his children. Hmm