Oh Them Darkies!

There are many in the Republican party who so enjoy poking fun at “those people,” which in English means, those of the African American persuasion. Representative Pat Garofolo in Minnesota frequently makes comments about “According to Pat, “70% of teams in the NBA could fold tomorrow, nobody would notice the difference with possible exception of street crime.” In other words, black people are the ones who commit crimes in America. I assume that anyone whose name concludes with the letter, “o” may well be of the Italian American persuasion. In my childhood, leading gangsters in America were frequently Italian American or Jewish. The origin of the Mafia stems from an alliance between Jewish gangsters like Meyer Lanksy and Lucky Luciano. Blacks were the victims of crime, not the originators.

Reality is that crime attracts those at the bottom of the economic ladder. Once they were Irish, then Jewish and then Italian. Frankly, hard to imagine any player in the NBA who turns to crime.