Oh Them Educational Standards!

The American educational establishment is led by Arne Duncan, the head honcho who never taught as his profession, but did dabble around pretending to teach kids. Mr.Duncan, like so many who have never devoted 185  days a year working as a teacher and never understanding that teachers are like any members of a creative occupation-there are  a few “eureka moments,”but most days one is in the valley of getting through the day. Duncan and his lackeys are so convinced “anyone can teach.” Yes, anyone CAN Teach but the issue is how do they assist others to gain the ability to pose questions and be able to engage in critical thinking?

Recently in Quebec, the latest version of our “educational leaders”produced a high school diploma which was faulty. Fortunately, the dumb students caught the mistake. No one should be allowed to lead teachers who has no taught for an entire year and learned how time impacts how one can teach.